Legal Consulting and Litigation

At LIFS® we offer professional consultancies for all types of organizations: SMEs, corporations, governments and organizations worldwide.

Our experts analyze and quantify the damages, we provide assistance in the context of disputes due to non-compliance and we give an alternative resolution of the dispute, likewise we provide mediation, arbitration and expert services.

Global Legal Consulting and Litigation Services

In our Legal and Litigation Consulting Services offer we include the elaboration of any type of contracts, consultancy in mergers and acquisitions operations, legal advice in all kinds of corporate situations such as dissolutions, liquidations or splits, legal audit processes, operations of all type of trusts, foreign investment, private capital, corporate financial, real estate, project financing, corporate or financial restructuring and advice on non-litigious issues of commercial tenders.

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In LIFS® we practice in the following: Civil, Family, Banking, Administrative, Real Estate, Commercial, Labor, Criminal. Also in national and international arbitration proceedings and in negotiation processes prior to the litigation.

Meet Our Legal Consulting and Litigation Solutions:

Litigation Unit

In LIFS® we accompany our clients in all phases of a litigation, from the negotiation in a preliminary instance and we orient our services to the prevention and solution of legal problems through the systematic and integral attention of the legal variables, trying to provide elements of strategy legal in the decision making and legal control of its operations.

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Collection Unit

At LIFS® we provide advice and help with the collection of all types of credit instruments such as checks, promissory notes, bills of exchange and invoices.

In addition, we provide assistance for the preparation and review of contracts and legal documents to solve commercial disputes and collection.

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Federal Judiciary

At LIFS®, we help to process amparo proceedings thanks to our extensive experience in the handling of appeals before the Federal Judicial Power, before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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Insurance and Bonding Unit

In LIFS® we take care of obtaining compensation according to the law, investigating the claims in depth and filing a lawsuit against the corresponding insurer to obtain compensation for the agreed sum (both for individuals and companies).

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