Protection and Security

At LIFS® we have competitive advantages thanks to our security platforms that can be adapted for all our clients.

Global Security and Protection Services

We focus our talent and energy on providing our clients with concrete results to their security problems. We implement efficient and measurable solutions in different areas of personal and property protection.

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At LIFS® we offer measurable solutions, site review and assessments for both Personal and Physical Security.

Meet Our Security and Protection Solutions:

Audit and Security Advisory

At LIFS® our security services identifies your risks and vulnerabilities creating the best solution according to your needs. We integrate the most advanced technology with the best qualified human resources to guarantee the security and total protection of people and goods.

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Executive Protection

At LIFS® our executive protection solution is based on advanced planning and preparation, up-to-date information, liaison with local authorities and the use of highly trained personnel. The service includes armed bodyguards, drivers trained in defensive and offensive driving, immediate response and protection in case of emergency.

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Monitoring Unit

At LIFS®, our systems and personnel perform with a wide range of observation that covers critical areas, such as houses, buildings, parking lots and exteriors.

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Cybersecurity Unit

At LIFS® we help our clients in the development and implementation of strategies and programs for the management of technological and information risks. We proactively detect insidents and threats.

In case of having suffered an incident, we help you to give continuity to your business in order to reduce any loss suffered.

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Canine Unit

In LIFS® we have the support of breeding places and schools of German Shepherds of high birth since the reproducers are "Selected and imported" from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Denmark, all of them genetically proven and that transmit qualities, virtues, temperament, character, structure, movement, type and ability achieving an excellent conformation is balanced temperament and harmonic structure.

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